English Vs Indonesian

setelah galau2 segalau2nya. akankah aku menulis blog dalam bahasa enggrisku yg ‘ga enak bange dibaca ini’ atau yaudah bahasa indonesia aja ya?
baiklah suka2ku sajalah ya. kalo lagi bahas yg berasangkutan ttg sekolah,murid2 cencunyaa in English. nah kalo bahas yg daily life maka bahasa indonesia spertinya lebih enak. karna diotak ini banyak banget pengen ditulis. tp karna keterbatasanku dlm English yasudlahhh di Mix aja ya kakakkk!!

lagian kenapa ngotot gitu sih mau nulis dlm English. Yah kalo mau ditelusuri awal muasal tujuan bikin blog adalah diriku mau practice my English esp in writing. Itu makanya hubby pun mengizinkan ku berBlogRia…. knp harus ijin hubby?ya kan kalau ngeblog artinya ada wktu yg harus dipergunakan. wlpn ga banyak tp trkadang suka bablas juga saya makkk!!! *spy ga menelantarkan kerjaan rmh gara2 ngeblog maksudnya*

jadi balik lagi ke persoalan “practice my English” , ceritanya kan diriku kindergarten teacher, I use English everyday in school with the students and teachers, utk parents mostly in Indonesian. Tapi dikarnakan saya ngajar anak2 Indonesia yang kebanyakan chinese yah jadi kita musti kudu berhasainggris sesimpel2nya. gak pake term yg aneh2 dan berkelas tinggi. setelah 10 tahun ada dunia preschool maka dirikupun tersadar ketika membaca blog seorang teman kuliah(my bff tepatnya) ya ampunnn kakak….diriku ampe buka kamus di henpon utk mencari arti2 dari vocab2nya ruarrrrrrbiasa kwerennnnnn!! jelas aja English dia makin keren,dia ambil Master diLuar, dan dia jadi dosen sekarang. saya yakin deh dia makin dan akan lebih2 lagi kerennya……krna dia akan dituntut sipekerjaan itu yg mana jadi dosen dan plus dia sudah jadi ketua jurusan pulak!!! *clapClap*

Lalu diriku apakabar????
huaaaaa aku makin minder
sayapun berharap blog saya ini ga terlalu bnyk followernya krn malu takut diketawain grammatical mistakesnya. dll.

jadi jujur aja makin kesini Englishku makin kacau. pengen deh kalo abis nulis diblog in English trus simpen di draft lalu seblum dipublish aku punya editor alias yg ngoreksi kesalahan2ku td. halaahhhh macammm aja deh jo!  🙂

well…well apapun itu…yg penting aktif dulu aja kali ya nulis disini. soalnya blog ini dah ada dari setaunan yg lalu tapi jumlah tulisan masih minim banget. kadang nih blog ga ditengokin berhari2 bahkan berminggu2. hihihihi *pemalas*

okesip ya starting from now promise myself will write more whatever language I use…..

baiklah saya melipir dulu,ini lagi dibus transjakarta menembus kemacetan dari manggadua beli kacamata baru *setelah sekian bulan tak pake kacamata*

Lama juga ini macetnya,untung dpt duduk,batre hp masih bnyk, bisa ngeBlog n this is my first time writing in blog using my SamsungG
rand!!! I love u dear henpon!  oh ya sperti biasa saya mendengarkan The cardigans. album Gran turismo dah abis skrng long gone before daylight pun dah ampir abis *saking lamanya ini macet di Roxy* huhuhuhu


kangen liat si bolbol and Endul!!!

baiklahhh melipir beneran ya kakak!!!





To this day, I’m still amazed about what have happened a year ago.

To this day, I will still put a smile on my face whenever I remember what have happened a year ago.

To this day, I’m still showing an excitement in telling people about what have happened a year ago.

And To this day until many days after……I will still feel grateful about what have happened a year ago.


So what have happened to me a year ago?


I got Married on Oct 4th 2009,

I gave birth to my first child on Aug 5th 2010

I had my Thesis defense on Nov 2011

I gave birth to my second child on March 26th 2012


At least for these past 5 years, those are important dates to be saved here in my memory.

So please allow me to add one more important date in my life.

Yes, Its AUGUST 14TH 2012….

If you really want to know what have happened to me on August 14th 2012, go and read this:


I think you guys will really think I’m a bit crazy, insane….or whatever you may call me.

The fact is, I’m one of the luckiest person on that day, that I was finally able to witness my number one favorite band in the world lived in concert, plus…………….. I got a chance to attend the Meet and greet event.

The day when I got so nervous to see them,

The day when I felt anxious about what to say to them,

The day When I act like crazy and fool sometimes…..

The day when I can finally talked with Nina, Magnus, Bengt and Lasse

The day when finally I was able to took a picture with them

The day when Nina, Bengt, and Magnus signed my shirt.

The day when Nina and Bengt hold and kissed me.

Yes, the day that won’t be forgotten by me

I could barely say this was one of the memorable days in my life.


August 14th was such a lovely day for me….

Everything went well on that day

Went well here start with:

# A good weather on that day.

# I was on my school holiday, no need to feel guilty of not coming to work.

# My mom was able to babysit my kiddos at home…. (a few days before August 14, she planned to go to Medan for family matter, but I don’t know suddenly she cancelled it)

# My children are in a good health condition. If they got sick on that day, I am not sure if I will go to watch the concert….Or even if I should go, the whole day with a guilty feeling.

# There is no such drama thing happened on that day with my kiddos. I tried to spent time together first early in the morning before I left


Oh well, anyway Thank God that and the promoter for not inviting The Cardigans On March or April 2012……

If such thing happened, I make sure that I won’t be able to see the concert. The reason is, On March 26th, 2012 as I mentioned before, I gave birth to my second child. There is now way for a mom who just gave birth to come to the concert, especially I gave birth through SC.


I’m thinking that everything happened on that day was perfect!

Hoping that The CARDIGANS will still exist and plan some other tour and concert

There something to remember and something to forget

But that August 14 will not be forgotten.

Everyone has their own happiness,

But No one can be happier than I am

much much love for Nina, Bengt, Lasse, Peter, and Oscar













Gavin James Siregar was born on March 26th 2012 3,6 kg/51 cm

Gavin James Siregar was born on March 26th 2012 3,6 kg/51 cm

This is the first time I share the story about my kids (not my students)

So, the title “possessive” above refers to my kids? Not to my husband or my ex boyfriend?

Hahahahhaha…….yes. I’m gonna share a bit about the most possessive boy in the world.

Gavin James Siregar, was born on March 26th 2011. He is a cute baby boy ever!!!!

He has 6 teeth right now and two more teeth have peeped and more teeth to come.

As a woman, I must be proud and happy. God has given me a chance to get pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl and baby boy. I must tell you that Gavin is a boy who (almost) has no hair, dark skin (exotic) hahahhaha,,,, and his nose? Ahhh he’s just too cute…..

At the age of 7 months he can sit down by himself without any support. Another milestone that he obtained, he started to crawl on his 8 months. I remember how fast he can crawl….he is crawling with his smiling face…. He likes to eat any food. I think he’s not a picky eater…at least until now (I hope not until forever). 10 months old : start to stand for few seconds. 1 year old start to walk 2 or 3 steps. 1y2m : he started to walk….and now he is 1y3m he walk faster and likes to climb the chairs, the stairs, the motorcycle that parked in the terrace and climb everything that he can climb. Looking at how he likes climbing, now I am very sure that my boy is a REAL BOY….heehhehe

Now here is the story of how possessive my boy is.

Since he was born, I have to carry him, and sleep on my arm. If I tried to put him in his bed, he will cry.

This happen until he was almost 4 months old. *wowwwww……so easy to say it now, but how hard to  imagine how I survived and went through that stage*

Moreover, Gavin has “galau moment” (I mean he will cry for few hours, non-stop…phewwww)

His “galau moment happened everyday started at 4 pm until 8 pm.  Wewwwwww….

Lucky that he is my second child, I hardly imagine if that kind of habit happened to Gwin or whoever that was born first. WHY???? What’s the difference?

Of course it has big difference. With the first child, small thing seems like big thing Means,,,, worry too much!!!! Yup, I could honestly say that WE (I N HUBBY) were pretty worry much to our daughter Gwinette, our first child.

Back to “possessive” thingy. So, Gavin is very close to me. He will cry if he sees nobody. He will cry if he saw me doing my make up, as if he understands I will go somewhere. When we sat down together and I need to bring my dirty plates to the kitchen, that will make him cry too. Oh my boy. When I played with Gwin and Gwin sits on my lap, he will cry too. When he saw me went to the kitchen, he will pull my pants and following me. When he saw me went to the bathroom he will asked me to carry him.

……………………………………… huhhhhh….hahhhhhh…..huhhhhhh *inhale exhale*…………………………………..

With those kind of everyday’s habit shown by Gavin, may I call him as my “possessive boy” ?

 this is one of my fav pic

this is one of my fav pic

Ohhhh I sound like a bad mom, labeling my son. Yeah u call me whatever. But I should be honest with my feeling….that sometimes I really need to escape for a while from motherhood thingy…..looking at how possessive my boy is. Ok, but before you judge me, let me tell you one thing, that this possessive boy has a very cute face, cute smile. His head is round like a ball, his eyes is round too and look so bright…..and my favorite thing is………his two chubby cheeks (well, not so chubby actually) but he is the cutest baby boy ever for me. (ya iyalah anak sendiri yeee….. lol) and because of that, whenever I am away from him, like going to work for example….I just don’t know why…his face will always crossed on my mind….his adorable round eyes will be shown in my imagination…..


Hey, my dear son…… I just want to tell you, that being my possessive boy is not bad at all

Son, One day when you grow up, I will have so many stories to tell you about how possessive you are to me.

Son, One day when you grow up, I hope you know that we have spent a lot of times together……

Son, One day when you grow up, I hope you know how much I love you….


PS: and when you grow up, just be possessive with your mom, not with your girlfriend…..BECAUSE that’s NOT COOL AT ALL! LOL 😀




Maroon 4

Maroon 4

Gavin's 1st birthday

Gavin’s 1st birthday


di dermaga one ancol....(kala itu masih bisa janjian malem2)

di dermaga one ancol….(kala itu masih bisa janjian malem2)

kenapa fotonya gak pernah lengkap formasi ya? yg ini si deboy ga ada

kenapa fotonya gak pernah lengkap formasi ya? yg ini si deboy ga ada

Alkisah sebuah pertemanan yg dimulai dari kampus tmpt berkuliah dulu (ahhhh biasa banget yak?)

Lanjut ga nih? Okehhh lanjuttt!!!

Jadi gini….inti dari tulisan ini gw mau bercerita tentang pertemanan gw yg nama gank kita (cieee gank cuy!) yup ada namanyalah yah….

Oke! Namanya: “SRIMULAT”…. Duilehhhh ga ada yg kerenan dikit apa yah? Okeh plisss jangan banyak komen 😀

Well, sebenernya gw pun ga tau ya asal muasal kenapa genk ini bisa terbentuk.

Tapi kalo ga salah ya awalnya di Facebook, tahun berapakah itu? Pokoknya jaman Facebook belom booming2 amat di Indonesia raya ini (cieeee kesannya kita trendsetter gitu yaaakk?) *dikeplak bakiak* 🙂 🙂 🙂

Jadi gw, debby, and Tere plus si Inggito (aka Ingrid) udah duluan berpesbukan (yg laen masih berfriendster deh kyaknya….*blaguk bngt deh* hahahha…. Eh tapi bener, jamannya itu gw tau facebook dari si yulita (mak abby) gw tertarik bikin facebook pun gegara ada si Ev.Peter Gregory…..(jamannya itu gw lagi insapppp, alias hampir tobat, lg demen denger kotbah2 doi….apa demen ama orangnya?) *ABAIKAN!!!!* 😀

Sebelum Srimulat terbentuk, sudah ada gank yg lebih senior terbentuk lebih dahulu (jiahhhh SENIOR ENDASHHHMU JOOO) yakni “POWER PUFF GIRLS” yang isinya tiga cewe2 kece nan manis tapi gak manja…. (hadeuhhh aposehhh) ihhh namanya aja dah keren yak….apalagi orang2nya. *dirajam* JJ

Nah, jadi, jadi gw suka banget ngapload2 foto2 power puff girls ke facebook (ohhh jadi gw salah satu cewe kece di power puff girls itu tohh??? Oke oke…..*manggut2* *disenyumin sinis ama bu ketua srimulat* 😀

Lalu, datanglah Tere, dan Ingrid yg rajin berkomen2 ria ttg foto2 power puff girls itu, itu gw bingung knpa kita kalo komen2an bisa sampe panjangnya amit2 ya? Ada yg inget ga komen terpanjang berapa? 70an kali yah? *yasalammmmm!!! Kesian amat yg kejebak ikutan di thread itu yakkk! Dapet notif ga penting* :0

salah satu foto yg awalnya buat komen2 panjang gak jelas di fb

salah satu foto yg awalnya buat komen2 panjang gak jelas di fb

Jadi singkat cerita, kita jadi sering komen2an, tapi gak seru banget deh, soalnya si Mak Timmy aka Hanna yg sering kita omongin di foto power puff girls itu ga ada account facebooknya, maka gw, debby dan yg lainnya pun menghasut dia utk berfesbukan….dannn akhirnya jadilah acc facebook Hanna Aritonang (sekarang nama acc facebooknya : Hanna Sitompul) >>> penting banget utk dijelaskan ya? Wkwkwkw Dan gw inget banget deh, profile picture dia pertamakali fesbukan adalah Maroon 5 lg concert di Singapore (cieeeee ada yg kangen jalan2 tuh??? Jangankan ke Singapore nonton kongserrr, nonton bioskop aja dese dah susahhh bowww!!! Mengingat buntut udah dua) >>> sebenrnya ini jeritan hati gw juga….. JJ

Pokoknya waktu itu kita ngeheitsss banget dah,,,,,ratu eksis sedunia…jaman itu gw juga lagi jadi pengangguran, alias gw lg (sok) sibuk ngerjain Thesis (tp kebanyakan fesbukannya drpd ngerjain thesisnya) >>> pengakuan dosa mak!!!! Hahahahaha

Maka dari itu, saking kita sering eksis di fesbuk, kita kalo komen2an bisa sampe ngalor ngidul kemana2….

Pokoknya seharian gw bisa ngikik2 gak karuan…..terus kita bilang….kok ini lucu banget deh (maksudnya kita2 ini lucu2 banget,,,,,, *narsis tingkat dewa* itu yah kalo kita lagi nyaut2in komen, bisa aja ngelesnya, pokoknya kalah deh si Komeng pelawak itu, tapi sih diantara semua, yang paling lucu itu ya si Tere, makanya berdasarkan tingkat kelucuan, maka dia diangkat sebagai bu ketua (wkwkwkw karang2an gw deh tuh) *lagian gw nulis ini juga atas rikues bu ketua, harus nurut apa kata buketua, emang mau dipecat n dikeluarin dari genk ini?* >>> mulai seram….hahahahahaha

Nah komen2 kitapun diramaikan oleh Shinta, si Miss Amerikahhh….pas banget deh si Shinta Mudik for the first time…… trus kita suka janjian2 gitu deh. Eh tunggu2… sebelum shinta datng, kita pada suka janjian, mau makan PISBAK (pisang bakar) yg ditebet. Tapi gw ga ikutan. Waktu itu yg bisa datang Cuma Tere, Debby n Inggito kalo ga salah. Lalu ada penonton kecewa (gw maksudnya hahaha) lalu diatur lagi pertemuan lain….. kita ketemuan di plaza semanggi (gw, tere, n Inggito) plus ada mantan pacar gw (yg skrng alhamdulilah udah jadi bapaknya anak2 ) >>> *sok bijak* 🙂 🙂

janjian di plangi ga jd ke Pisbak krn ujan deres....(kayaknya kebanyakan di plangi yeee?)

janjian di plangi ga jd ke Pisbak krn ujan deres….(kayaknya kebanyakan di plangi yeee?)

Kerjaan kita apasih kalo ketemuan gitu? Ya apalagi kalo gak makan2, ngikik2, eitsss plussss jangan lupa ada gossip dari buketua yg harganya goceng/gossip……wkwkwkwkwkwkw

Isss isssshhhh…..penting banget ga sihhh genk srimulat ini? Eh jangan salah,,,,,ini penting banget….

Apalagi kalo gw dah mumet ama thesis yg kala itu gak kunjung kelar….trus kalo udah ngobrol ama srimulat ya udah dehhhh ampe sakit perut komen2an di fesbuk. Terus yah, kalo lagi bales2an komen, itu kecepatannya GILAKKKKK BANGETTT!!!! Alias CEPET BANGETTTT MAKKK!!!

Terus, nama srimulat itu gimana critanya ya? Nah bagian ini gw dah lupa deh, tolong bagi yg inget, diceritakan di komen dibawah tulisan ini yah… *penting gak penting*

Ok, back to Miss Amerikah, dateng deh si shinta, kenalan deh sama Inggito n Tere……eh ternyata nyambung banget (bukan nyambung lagi! Ampe korsletttt saking nyambungnya) wkwkwkwkwkw

Si Shinta dateng, kita jadi suka karokean….nah momen2 karokean ini emang paling unforgettable moment banget deh menurut gw! Gimana nggak coba, kita kalo karokean ampe naek2 meja, goyang dombret, nyanyi lagu batak, mending kalo suaranya pada merdu…. (eh tp bagus kok yah, yah??? Yah???) *maksa abeeesss* hahahahaha

Inul Vista plaza semanggi adalah saksi hidup gimana kita menggetarkan tembok room karokean dengan segala kecemprengan kita!!!! Ishhhhh gw jadi kangen karokean!!! (tereakkk ke hannna,,,hannnaa kapan kita bisa karoakean lagiiii? *lirik dua bocils di kamar*…..)

nyenyong ampe serekkkk!!!! :)

nyenyong ampe serekkkk!!!! 🙂

                                    duet maut: lisa n deboy

duet maut: lisa n deboy

Tapi ada karoekan yg paling dashyat…sebenernya bukan dahsyat karna apanya yah..tpi karna pas kita liat bill nya ampe sejutaan….haisshhhhh…….(tapi ada miss amerikah yg nyumbangnya agak banyak wktu itu J) ishhhh padahal ttp aja enakan di inul vista yahhh…. (btw apa deh nama tmpt karokenya wktu itu>di senci kan ya?)

karokean di sency,,,,,,,eh ada mister bule nyang ikutannn

karokean di sency,,,,,,,

kaget liat bill ampe jutaan!!! wkwkwkwk....udik oh udik

kaget liat bill ampe jutaan!!! wkwkwkwk….udik oh udik

Kisah berlanjut terus….. sampe akhirnya beberapa diantara kita ada yg menikah dan punya anak…….

Dan si miss amerikah pun dah balik ke kampungnya di los enjlesss sana. Oh ya…..Ada Lisa juga loh sebagai anggota srimulat (yg walopun jarang2 hadir) tapi komen2nya di fesbuk juga sangat jelas mencerminkan bahwa ada darah srimulat yg mengalir ditubuhnyaa,,,,,(bahhh dramatis kali lahh) J

Pokoknya momen ngumpul2 srimulat terakhir yg paling mengesankan yaitu waktu kita nginep di villa istana bunga November 2011, dalam rangka mau jenguk baby Theo yg baru lahir….(anaknya si Inggito n dapito) knpa kumpul2 ini paling berkesan? Karna di momen ini lengkap, ada lawaknya, ada drama dan tangisan (oooopsssss,,,,, hahahahaha) tapi this was the very memorable one for me (at least after the karaoke one) tapi gw gak mau bahas ttg yang ini ahhh…..

visiting baby Theo di bandung (Nov 2011)

visiting baby Theo di bandung (Nov 2011)

Eh tapi kalopun ada yg mau bahas, yah dipersilahkeunnnn….. *ujung2nya ntar ngebahas gw deh! Jadi jangan yahhh* bahas keluarga cemara aja kali ya…wkwkwkwkwkw

Baiklah,,,,sebenrnya gw kangen berat deh ingin kumpul2 dibandung or dimana gitu, apalagi bu dosen dah ada rumah tuh…… (masiih bisa ngikik2 ga ya deb? Secara diatas rumah lu ada emaknya rapunzel) wkwkwkwkkwkw

Hari libur kemaren KAMIS 6 JUNE 2013, kita pada ngumpul2 di FX sudirman,,,, tp sayangnya Inggito n pasukannya ga ikutan (menurut kabar yg beredar, dese lagi sibuk pindah2an bowww) the kiddos (timmy, gwinette) bermain di giggle ditemani papa2 mereka yg baik hati. Ibu2nya kemana? Ya gosipanlah ama aunty tere…eh tapi abis itu kita masuk giggle krna adele mau mimi cucu, nah autny tere akhirnya berhasil bujuk2 kk Gwin maen….dan aunty tere terlihat sangat keibuan saat itu…..ohhhh so sweet banget sih auntyyyy!!! (eh tapi kata tommy, bukan aunty ahh, tapi MAKTUA* >>> WKWKWKWK MERUSAK SUASANA!

Well, walapoun kalo ngumpul2 sekarang udah lebih susah dari yg dulu (dikarnakan oleh buntut2 yg kadang bikin rempong) tapi harap dimengerti ya teman2…..

Mudah2an pada waktunya nanti kita bisa kumpul2 lagi dengan formasi yg lengkap,,, pas si miss amerikah dateng dan pas lisa bisa liburan ke Jakarta,,,,,ahhhhhhh can’t wait!!!!!

Diakhir tulisan ini, gw Cuma mau bilang, I’m so happy to have friends like u…..

Makasih udah pernah menghisai dinding pesbuk kita masing2 dengan lawakan2 (yg Cuma dimengerti oleh kita) J

Semoga SRIMULAT tetap lucu dan menggemaskan.,,,,,I love u all……..


Tarzan! (eh gw jadi siapa deh?) aukkh dehhh 🙂

orang2 kecehhh

orang2 kecehhh


gak nyangka, pernah pose alay2 gini....wkwkkw

gak nyangka, pernah pose alay2 gini….wkwkkw

pipi msih tirus2 *teteupp bahas fisik*

pipi msih tirus2 *teteupp bahas fisik*

skalian rapat slapur! *woyyy jngn bawa2 alumni woyy* :)

skalian rapat slapur! *woyyy jngn bawa2 alumni woyy* 🙂

Dear Sister

we used to have the same attire

we used to have the same attire

Dear Sister

May 14th, 20013

Do you know that tonight, As I’m preparing some of your “wedding thing”, I feel  so melancholic….

How should I say it to you?

The mixed feelings between happy, excited nervous and yes, I am sad….

Dear sister,  I am sad since I know that you won’t be around me few days later after your wedding day…. But yes of course I’m so happy that Finally you find your loving man.

Dear sister, now I know how’s your feeling when finally I got Married back in 2009…

Mekmok told me that you cried, you feel sad

Dear sister, but the feeling I got now is way much different from yours before. After I got married, we’ll still see each other at least once in a week on Sabbath day in church. That’s why I hate it whenever u weren’t there. (in the church)….

Dear sister, do you still remember about our childhood? I think our childhood is so memorable….many times when we talked about it, we will widely laughing.

Dear sister, I know I’m not a perfect big sister for you. We always fought just for the small things, but do you still remember, the day when you told our mekmok, that you didn’t want to live without me, that’s why you should marry me in the future…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……*VERY ABSURD*

Dear sister, do you still remember that when we fought you will call me “BUDUK” (because my feet got lots of mosquito bites) and I HATE IT!!! I REALLY HATE IT! And that’s why every time you called me “buduk”, I will call you “PITAK” (because you got small bald on part of your head) hahahhahaahhaha (but I think, now some hair have grown there….I guess so) Lol…..And You really hate me more if I called u “Pitak”…..

And after that, usually you will ran after me, all along the “Gang Ikhlas” (our home area) will ran and ran until we got tired. Wait!!! No….not until tired…but until our mom called us and yelled at us…….and we got punishment from mekmok, because she said…..that’s so embarrassing…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! naughty girls!!!!

Dear sister, do you still remember, that most of the times when we fought, we will hit each other, hit until someone got upset and cried…..and again mekmok will punish us. Yes we got punishment every time we fought. But I still remember that few times mekmok didn’t give us punishment. Instead, she cried and packed all her clothes in a plastic bag and she said she will walk away from home, no more MAMA….NO MORE MEKMOK….then we criedddddd, apologize and promised not to fought again. But Of course we still fought.  We then, Fought and fought,,,,,But there is one day that I won’t forgot….Mekmok didn’t know what to do anymore with us….we just couldn’t stop fighting,,,so Finally she cried and she begged us not to fight anymore,,,she asked us to kneel down and she prayed for us….Then all of us Cried….then….we never fought anymore since that day? NOPE!!!! WE STILL!!! We still fought…

May 15th, 2013

Dear sister, So do you still remember when was finally we stop fighting? It was finally mekmok and yes I myself decided to study in a boarding school in Malang –East Java (SLAPOER). I finally lived very far from you. I lived in another city. It took more than 10 hours travelling with car or bus. We started to miss each other. We sent letters using “MORNING GLORY” (letter paper, which so famous at that time)….and because you lived in Jakarta, you sent me some of your morning glory collection. I always sent you names’ decoration. How sweet…..isn’t it?  Well,,,I can barely say we never fight anymore….maybe because we’re growing up and start to learn to be mature.

Dear sister, do you still remember that we always have the same clothes, dress or whatever we wore it must have no difference…and people always find difficulties to call our names….because they thought we’re twins…..

May 18th 2013

Dear sister, do you still remember when finally I decided to be a part time lecturer in Unai and I rent a house near the campus. I asked you to live with me. I cooked for you, you did the laundry, we cleaned that small house together. (anyway, we didn’t have pictures when we lived in that house, too bad) …

Dear Sister, This writing is not about how dramatic about your wedding is. Instead, it’s just a writing about two sisters who have spent most of the times together, and we will always be. Right???? (ngareppp diseret ke amrik… LOL…..)

Well, Finally after I knew that you decided to get married with Joe…..I rejoice and feel so very happy….

The wedding preparation itself is so tiring for you. I didn’t help much as you know I was very busy with your niece and nephew. One of our friend told me about the wedding day, that I wasn’t supposed to take care of everything on your big day (well, not everything), I’d rather sit down and enjoy your wedding instead of be busy going back and forth to check everything is ok, starting with the church thing and the wedding reception. Yes it’s true, Let me enjoy the wedding itself, and let someone take care of the wedding stuff. However, I can honestly say, that I really want to get involved on your wedding day. This is the only thing that I can do for you. And I think it’s my job to make sure that my sister’s wedding went well.

May 20th 2013

Thank God, May 19 was finally over, it’s such a big relief for me and for all of us. You look so stunning on your wedding day. The time when you said your part on your wedding vow…..I cried….yes of course after seeing you cried uttering your wedding vow (ooh yes, I did it too on my wedding vow) I know how much you love Joe….he will be your forever partner… He will be your leader in your family, He will be your guide, your shelter, your comforter….and yes he will be your everything.

I need you to remember my words below:







on her wedding day

on her wedding day

Term 3 : “CLOTHING”

People at different parts of the world have unique way to dress up themselves. The clothes that they wear sometimes represent the weather and seasons in their country.  This term, our theme is about clothes. The children will learn different kinds of clothes with their functions and the right occasion for each kind of clothes. Moreover,  Head gear, footwear and jewelry will also be covered.

With regards to this theme, there will be some  interesting activities done in the classroom, such as mini fashion show,  mix and match day, and the ‘tie and dye’ activity.

Here, some activities done in this term.


The students came to school with their pajamas, as addition, they can bring their favorite toys/dolls, along with their beloved pillows….I told them bed time stories, and we sang some lulluby’s songs…..then off we slept.


Pajama party

K1 pajama party

K1 pajama party


This idea has came up since last year. The last time I did this was in 2004 when I was teaching the Autism kids in Cita Buana. The first time I heard that we will have “clothing” as our theme, I was so excited to do this activity again. The preparation that I did : I wrote a letter to parents, If  they can find their child’s old-white t-shirt to school. Then after waiting for one week, finally all the students were able to submit their t-shirt. I have bought 1 new medium pot (to boil the t-shirt with textile color), I bought marbles and rubbers, and don’t forget the textile color.

1ST STEP: Prepare your old t-shirt (white and plain), get marbles and rubber, tie the marbles with the rubber. use the big rubber, its easier.

1ST STEP: Prepare your old t-shirt (white and plain), get marbles and rubber, tie the marbles with the rubber. use the big rubber, its easier.

2nd step: dip it into the boiled water (put your fav textile color)

2nd step: dip it into the boiled water (put your fav textile color)

3rd step: after 45mins, untie the marbles and rubber,wash and dry it under the sun....and this is the result!

3rd step: after 45mins, untie the marbles and rubber,wash and dry it under the sun….and this is the result!


I need to give my student’s another skill in doing their art and craft, not only cutting and pasting, but also folding. Well, this activity was not easy. We need to guide them one by one. Therefore, it is necessary to this activity in Learning Center. FYI, all my activities in the classroom, as much as possible will be done in group/learning center.

The girls made their stunning dress/gown

The girls made their stunning dress/gown, the boys: made their nice shirt with tie.


The Idea of making gloves is related with our topic about “clothes for cold weather”.  I was once in Pasar pagi Mangga Dua and I bought some colorful cloth (flannel), I Think these will be good for gloves making…..

sewing activity, a skill that I want the students to experience.

sewing activity, a skill that I want the students to experience.

Good job, Queenteen!

Good job, Queenteen!

They made it!

They made it!


Awww…don’t think too hard or seriously about my title above. I just want to have fun with the kids on the last week this term. After discussing all the topics about clothing. I would like to have a memorable week review. I sent a letter to parents, I asked the children to wear different kinds of dress code every day to school. Monday : JEANS DAY, Tuesday: PARTY DRESS/SUIT DAY, Wednesday:Fav Shoes and Hats, Thursday: MIX AND MATCH DAY, Friday: BEACH DAY….

And of course during circle time, everyday in that week we discuss the clothes/shoes/hats etc that they wore. Well, everyone seems enjoy this acctivity!

Honestly, There is one  activity that being cancelled. The mini fashion show was failed. I was too busy with the academic things….

Jeans day

Jeans day

party dress

party dress

beach day with the boys

beach day with the boys

beach day with the girls..ooopsss sorry no bikini :)

beach day with the girls..ooopsss sorry no bikini 🙂

fav shoes and hats day

fav shoes and hats day

boots belongs to Jovanca

boots belongs to Jovanca

sneakers belongs to pramitha

sneakers belongs to pramitha

Well, I forgot to take picture on mix and match day! too bad……

#another Art and Craft activity

our lovely flip-flop

our lovely flip-flop

many other art activities that I forgot to take the pictures.

Hmmmm anyway,,,my blog look so boring…I wish I know how to make it attractive….:D


See you on my next post, on term 4 :Transportation



teacher Joice